A Great New Website On Law Of Attraction

You will all be delighted to know that I have discovered a great new website which explains the law of attraction more clearly than any other website I have ever seen.

Now I know you you may think that’s an exaggeration because there are so many good websites on attraction – and that’s certainly true, but I think the ineffectiveness of these websites is demonstrated all too clearly by the fact that so few people actually achieve any success with manifestation.

Does it not stand to reason that if websites that purported to explain the Law of attraction and the mysteries of manifestation were actually fulfilling their function, there would be far fewer people who are experiencing poverty, deprivation and unhappiness in the world ?

I think the answer to that question is obvious – you have to take it as a given that the poor performance of websites is represented by the limited amount of success that people have in terms of manifesting a new reality.

Now one of the reasons for this is undoubtedly the fact that comparatively few people are particularly serious about getting what they want, although having said that, it’s undoubtedly true that many people would be more successful if they were less distracted by the cultural demands of our society.

In other words, I’m talking about the way in which celebrity culture, bad news, constructive stories designed to hook our attention or promote our fear, can distract us from the reality of our own existence, and in particular, the reality of what’s going on for us in our internal emotional world.

Because it’s in our internal emotional world that the magic of manifestation will always take place.

You see nobody can manifest anything for anyone else – the process of getting what you want by means law attraction is absolutely down to each individual to form clear goals and then a strategy for achieving. It’s a purely personal thing; you can’t manifest something for anyone else.

Now although this may seem harsh, and perhaps even slightly unfair, the reality of our existence is that though each and every one of us is a part of the universal whole, we are still separate individuals on the planet Earth.

What this means in practice is that though we have the capacity to communicate with each other psychically, and to send out instructions using the power of our minds to the universal energy, we cannot manifest material goods for someone other than ourselves.

So having resigned yourself to that reality, you might want to know how it is that people can achieve great success with manifestation – and the truth here is that it’s about focus, of both the mind and the intention.

You can find a complete explanation of the core elements of manifestation using the law of attraction on this website – which is the one I referred to the start of this brief article – http://www.twentytimeslonger.com – where the entire process manifestation is described in great detail, along with a number of tips, tricks and techniques which you can use to speed up the process of co-creating your reality universe’s cooperation.

For those amongst you who remain doubters, all I can say is that there’s no proof like your own success – which means, in practice, that you need to get out there, set your objectives and start trying to manifest the reality that you want for yourself.

What I will add, however, is that it’s absolutely critical that you should be able to overcome any limiting beliefs that you hold about yourself which could interfere with the process of manifestation. Wondering what this means? Well you can find out if you follow the link above. Good luck with manifestation!