Hypnosis Simply Works

I came across a website recently on the subject of hypnosis and was very impressed with it. You can click here to see it.

I think over the years a great deal of mystique and indeed misinformation has grown up around the subject of hypnosis and what it can actually do.

We’ve all been influenced by stage hypnotists of dubious repute who have performed sickening exploitative tricks on poor sops to have been duped into coming up onto stage and joining them in their act….

…. Or have we? One of the things that hypnotists will repeatedly tell you about this phenomenon is that nobody can be persuaded to do anything against their will. That hypnotism is in fact something that a subject has to consent to before they will go under the influence of the hypnotist.

So definitely some confusion or lack of clarity – or deliberate misinformation here!

But I’m going to work on the assumption that most people under hypnosis are not going to be so susceptible that they’ll simply do what they’re told – that for example, if their moral values are called into question, they’ll simply find a way of skirting the instructions of the stage hypnotist so that they retain their integrity (in their own eyes).

In other words, people who are acting under hypnosis in a way that seems bizarre or peculiar or downright outrageous are doing that as a matter of choice.

And if that’s true, then it means that you can safely use hypnosis for changing your own behaviour patterns where they are unhelpful, and developing new ways of being in the world. Or, more specifically, you can use self hypnosis to do this, because hypnosis generally refers to a situation where there is a hypnotherapist acting as facilitator, to engage you in a state of mind which is different to normal waking consciousness.

And what is this difference to normal waking consciousness? Well, it (hypnosis) seems to be a state of mind where the critical faculty of the conscious mind is either turned off completely or considerably reduced, so the suggestions made by the hypnotist – or by the recording to which you are listening, in the case of self hypnosis – can enter directly into the subconscious mind and take effect without interference from the critical factor.

And why does listening to hypnotist or self hypnosis recording cause a different state of consciousness develop? The answer appears to lie in the fact that when you pay particular focused attention to the recording, you naturally enter into a different state of consciousness known as “trance” – and trance  is defined as a half-conscious state characterized by an absence of response to external stimuli, typically as induced by hypnosis or entered by a medium. We use the expression in contexts such as this: “she put him into a light trance”.

Just in case it’s not obvious, trance doesn’t refer to this:

One major reason I’m talking about hypnosis in the context of self-improvement is because it can be useful for people who want to facilitate self-development by means of the use of manifestation and the Law of Attraction…

As you may well be aware, the Law of Attraction depends on you making investment in some kind of belief system, which you can then energetically send out into the universe in the hope that changes in your physical world will manifest as a result.

That investment is generally emotional, or energetic, to put it in a more general form, although there is of course also an investment of time involved in any manifestation process. It’s also possible to argue that whatever investment you have in the status quo is going to be given up, and that the emotional consequences of that forsaking your current situation are also some kind of investment in changing your future. (Changing it for the better, of course.)

But investment aside, how can hypnosis help you in using the law of attraction to manifest a different reality?

The first and most important way is that it can actually be used to eliminate limiting beliefs which hold you back. Time and time again I speak to people who failed to use the manifestation principle set out so frequently and so accurately on the Internet and who have absolutely no idea why it hasn’t worked for them.

But in fact the minute you start interviewing them in any depth about what’s “going on” for them, you immediately discover they have large amounts of limiting beliefs which are getting right in the way of their successful progress towards a different outcome – of any kind – which they may be trying to achieve.

Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are pernicious, subtle, and difficult to eradicate, because they live in the subconscious mind and they’re the product of many years’ reinforcement – reinforcement, that is, of our behavior, which is (incredibly) designed to show us that the things we believe to be true about ourselves are indeed true, thereby producing a self-reinforcing cycle which can go on for our entire lives unless we find some effective way of intervening.

Few people accept the extent or the power of their limiting beliefs, and continue to try and strive for a change in their circumstances which is absolutely impossible to achieve until they’ve done considerable work on themselves – psychological work, that is, to eradicate limiting beliefs.

And here the cycle comes full circle, because self hypnosis is a very powerful way – yet at the same time, mysteriously, a very gentle way – of eliminating limiting beliefs and replacing them with something much more functional and helpful to the person who is trying to change his or her own life for the better.

I recommend plenty of self hypnosis products to my clients, because I’m familiar g with the hypnotherapists who’ve recorded the messages on them… But what can you do? I’m simply recommending you try and find self hypnosis recordings using my best guidelines as follows:

  • first of all, find a website where the hypnotherapist is offering sample recordings, so that you can see whether or not you like the sound of the hypnotherapist’s voice
  • second, find a website where you can get a money-back guarantee within a reasonable period of time if you find that the technique doesn’t work for you
  • third, look at what the hypnotherapy website is offering. Are there recordings that seem questionable – for example offering things like hypnosis for breast enlargement (don’t laugh, this is a reality – one website on the Internet purported to be run by a reputable hypnotherapist is offering hypnotherapy for breast enlargement and penis enlargement… I need hardly point out that this is not only unethical, but also immoral)
  • and finally, find a website you like the look of, one which appears to you to be something you can trust and invest your money in with confidence.

As to which limiting beliefs you are actually going to deal with when you’re trying to manifest something using the Law of Attraction, well, that has to be up to you – but clearly, it follows that when you’re trying to make more money, then abundance and prosperity are your targets, so the limiting beliefs you need to start working on will be around self-worth and the accumulation of wealth.

Similarly, if you want a relationship, then you need to start working on self-worth and attractiveness, and possibly your charisma. You’ll find all of these things set out in detail on each website where you can buy products, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty choosing something….