A Great New Website On Law Of Attraction

You will all be delighted to know that I have discovered a great new website which explains the law of attraction more clearly than any other website I have ever seen.

Now I know you you may think that’s an exaggeration because there are so many good websites on attraction – and that’s certainly true, but I think the ineffectiveness of these websites is demonstrated all too clearly by the fact that so few people actually achieve any success with manifestation.

Does it not stand to reason that if websites that purported to explain the Law of attraction and the mysteries of manifestation were actually fulfilling their function, there would be far fewer people who are experiencing poverty, deprivation and unhappiness in the world ?

I think the answer to that question is obvious – you have to take it as a given that the poor performance of websites is represented by the limited amount of success that people have in terms of manifesting a new reality.

Now one of the reasons for this is undoubtedly the fact that comparatively few people are particularly serious about getting what they want, although having said that, it’s undoubtedly true that many people would be more successful if they were less distracted by the cultural demands of our society.

In other words, I’m talking about the way in which celebrity culture, bad news, constructive stories designed to hook our attention or promote our fear, can distract us from the reality of our own existence, and in particular, the reality of what’s going on for us in our internal emotional world.

Because it’s in our internal emotional world that the magic of manifestation will always take place.

You see nobody can manifest anything for anyone else – the process of getting what you want by means law attraction is absolutely down to each individual to form clear goals and then a strategy for achieving. It’s a purely personal thing; you can’t manifest something for anyone else.

Now although this may seem harsh, and perhaps even slightly unfair, the reality of our existence is that though each and every one of us is a part of the universal whole, we are still separate individuals on the planet Earth.

What this means in practice is that though we have the capacity to communicate with each other psychically, and to send out instructions using the power of our minds to the universal energy, we cannot manifest material goods for someone other than ourselves.

So having resigned yourself to that reality, you might want to know how it is that people can achieve great success with manifestation – and the truth here is that it’s about focus, of both the mind and the intention.

You can find a complete explanation of the core elements of manifestation using the law of attraction on this website – which is the one I referred to the start of this brief article – http://www.twentytimeslonger.com – where the entire process manifestation is described in great detail, along with a number of tips, tricks and techniques which you can use to speed up the process of co-creating your reality universe’s cooperation.

For those amongst you who remain doubters, all I can say is that there’s no proof like your own success – which means, in practice, that you need to get out there, set your objectives and start trying to manifest the reality that you want for yourself.

What I will add, however, is that it’s absolutely critical that you should be able to overcome any limiting beliefs that you hold about yourself which could interfere with the process of manifestation. Wondering what this means? Well you can find out if you follow the link above. Good luck with manifestation!


The Energetic Component of Manifestation

The real power source behind manifestation is emotional energy.

It’s a common mistake among human beings to think that action represents power, because in the physical world actually there is often a great deal of truth in that statement.

The expression “power and control” sums it up: how we exert power in the everyday world depends on our actions, and the effectiveness of our actions depends on our power – it’s a complete circle.

In manifestation there is no such circle: energetic flow is linear, and interestingly enough it doesn’t matter whether it flows from you to the universe or in the opposite direction: all that is necessary is that there is a high level of energetic flow associated with your intention.

You see, it’s that energetic flow (which is not about physically exerting your will, but about impacting the formation of reality) which controls manifestation from the level at which everything in our planet is a potential reality.

When you tap into an energetic potential of your emotions, which are generated in turn by the emotional potentials of your intention or your vision, you can find a power that exceeds anything that you could possibly cultivate in other circumstances.

Used correctly, it is this power which actually inspires, and guides, and directs you in every way, all the way through to the manifestation process itself.

And of course one of things that helps to ensure that this energy flow takes place naturally and effectively is that you do not dissipate it.

One common method of dissipating energy required for manifestation is by talking to everybody about your intentions, and discussing with them how good it will be when you achieve your vision. I mean that goes without saying, because if that were not true you wouldn’t be trying to in tension manifest something using law of attraction as you are.

But the problem with talking to other people is that they feedback a kind of negative energy which compensates and counteracts your positive energy: people will say things like “Oh, you’re aiming too high” or “I don’t think you’re going to succeed” – and none of these statements will inject you with enthusiasm, passion or excitement!

After all it’s only the excitement, passion and enthusiasm that you have initially which leads to you being sufficiently motivated to try and in manifest some new reality using law of attraction.

Manifesting relaity

Ideas and intentions need to be backed up by reality creation

It makes a great deal of sense to keep your energy level secret, to keep your energy level to yourself, and to ensure that you have a clear vision of how you are going to use the product that you’re trying to manifest when it appears or is co-created in your reality by the universal energy.

To ensure that you have enough emotional energy to drive the process manifestation, there are several things that you can do:

  • One is of course to picture at the imaginatively imagination level benefits and advantages, and emotional state of mind that you’ll be in when you achieve whatever it is that you are manifesting – this involves focusing on the benefits advantages and general increase in your level of joy or satisfaction or pleasure or happiness.
  • A second is to focus on the ways in which you will feel different, and the things that you can do differently, which will be of a source of joy and delight to you when you have manifested your new reality.
  • A Third is to focus on why these things are important to you.
  • A Fourth is to focus on everything about the situation which you will manifest compared to the situation you’re in right now and how these things will be different.

You know what excitement is; you know what anger is, you know what fear is, so you know what an emotional state is, and you know what emotional energy is.

To be able to direct this emotional energy towards the product of your vision is the crucial element in manifestation which many people fail to master.

Visualize Your Desired Outcome

So, if you were to spend time thinking about your vision, you could do it in a meditative state or just by settling down in a chair into a point of stillness. And at that point you could then start to imagine the greatest potential outcome or advantage of your vision located somewhere just in front of you.

You can make this real, you can visualize it, you can sense it, you can perhaps imagine the taste and touch and sound of your vision when manifest. It’s important you don’t make any negative or critical judgments about what you’re perceiving, but you simply accept “what is”.

And as you do this, you can sense the level of energy, the sense the level of motivation you have, and sense the level of passion or, to put it another way, fervent desire for whatever it is that you’re trying to manifest.

As you do that, can you sense how low or high your energy your passion for the vision is – there has to be a great deal of personal passion and motivation for you to be able to manifest your vision in reality!

  • Useful questions to ask yourself are…..
  • Do you believe that you can manifest this vision in reality?
  • Do you actually feel excited by the prospect of it entering your life?
  • Are there reasons for it entering your life in accordance with your belief system?
  • Are you happy that morally and ethically you are working in tune with your deepest beliefs, values and judgments about the world?

You see the truth of the matter is that everything exists in some kind of energetic field, and every energy field is created and influenced by the person who lies or stands at its center – which in the case of your world is you!

Here’s an observation which is clear and straightforward, but often overlooked: the more powerful your focus, the more intense your focus, the higher your level of energy – which in practical terms means the higher your commitment to your vision – the more effective and powerful your energy field will be.

It’s not hard to imagine at this point that the energy field can extend on a high vibrational frequency out into the universe, and it may even be that the extent to which extends into the universe is determined by the level of energy that you’re putting into it.

Suffice it to say that this energy field, this outflow of energy, this flow of energy from you to the universe (or vice versa) is the one that will drive manifestation process.

In other words, it’s up to you to find the level of energy at which you can totally embody the potential and the vision and the opportunities that lie ahead of you when your reality changes because of the act of conscious creation.

You have seen, I have no doubt, in your own life, how anybody who holds very strong opinions about a particular subject tends to be the person who projects them with most force, and may even lead the group dynamic.

So it is with you and your intention to manifest reality – the stronger your feelings, and the more focused your thoughts, and the more able you are to control the flow of that energy, the more successful you will be in manifesting reality.

Use Your Emotions To Manifest Successfully

Make no mistake about it, one of the most important aspects of manifestation is using your emotions to drive the process.

Lack of emotional energy is the fundamental mistake that most people make when the trying to manifest anything – at least in the early stages of their career using the Law of attraction.

Now you may think that emotion is one of the least important aspects of anything to do with universal energy, because intention is everything.

And I agree with you that the intention is indeed very important, but you have to see it in this way: what is it that makes the universe manifest things differently to the way that would otherwise have occurred had you not intervened by using the Law of creation or trying to co-create your reality using the universal laws of attraction?

The answer to that question is that it’s energy – more specifically, it’s your energy, and the only place which you can generate that level of energy around manifestation is from your emotions.

Now people don’t understand this, because there are many teachings about the Law of attraction which seem to encourage people to believe that all they have to do is sit down to meditate five or 10 minutes a day, often twice a day, and they will manifest whatever it is that they fix their attention on.

The truth is that this is a missed understanding of how the universe works. My own interpretation of what I understand about manifestation is as follows: that every single thing that could possibly happen on our planet in our physical reality, is potentially waiting to be manifested in some if the real or energetic or potential form.

Perhaps that is the same as the cosmic consciousness that was talked about by Carl Jung in his works on psychotherapy and psychology in the early part of the 20th century. This would make a lot of sense, because it is out of this cosmic consciousness, this energetic miasma, that our physical reality emerges.

Success and achievement come easily with manifestation

Success comes easily with manifestation

Anyway, going back to the main thrust of the argument: assuming that everything is potentially available for manifesting in physical reality, then something MUST impact the universal dynamic so that it manifests in the form which you are expecting to create using the Law of Attraction.

Since you are impacting an energetic state of being with your intention, the only thing that could possibly impact it in a way that would alter the physical manifestation emerging from the energetic state of being is your own emotional energy.

I say emotional energy because it’s hard to imagine any other form of energy being able to attract physical reality out of the cosmic void. (Not, in fact that it is an energetic void, because in fact is we know it’s actually an energetic state from which physical reality emerges. This is backed up by the quantum physics observation that all energy and matter are exactly the same at the quantum level.)

Now you may know a lot of people who have a great deal of emotional energy, and you may pay you know people who have very little emotional energy, and the latter perhaps forming the group who I would describe as appearing to have a ligature around their neck, as far as their emotions are concerned!

But the truth of the matter is this: that if you want to manifest anything successful in this world you are going to have to learn how to direct emotional energy – and intense emotional energy at that – into the universal energy field so that your desires and intentions can manifest successfully.

One of the interesting things about manifestation is that you generally hear people talking about positive emotions such as joy and happiness, gratitude and thankfulness and excitement as being the powerful forces that can manifest reality in our world.

Granted, it’s absolutely true that they can do that, but I think is also important to acknowledge that negative emotions such as anger fear and jealousy – with the possible exception of fear, for reasons I’ll mention in a moment – can also manifest reality equally successfully.

It seems to me that there is a culture around the law of attraction – probably promoted by the particular emotional tone of The Secret, which was emphatically positive and sweet – which suggests that negative emotions have no role to play in such an esoteric or metaphysical process.

This is a fundamental misunderstanding of the way the universe operates. Essentially the universe is neutral, and it responds primarily to the most intense emotional stimulus that it receives. This is why if somebody is trying to manifest something that could impact you, and you are trying to manifest something that could impact them, the outcome is likely to be determined by whoever has most emotional energy to drive the process.

What I’m saying here is that the universe doesn’t operate with fear or favor!

Knowing what you want and then directing an intense level emotional energy is a guaranteed way to manifest whatever it is that you’re trying to obtain* – and this works just as well with intense negative emotions as positive ones.

You see, the concept of negative emotions and positive emotions is a human construct, which means nothing to the dispassionate neutral way in which the universe manifest anything. In the space-time continuum there is no concept of good or evil, can a concept of good or bad, no concept of positive or negative there is just seamless transition between formless energy and formed matter in the real world.

Fear Does Not Manifest Reality

Now, I mention above that fear is probably not one emotion which can drive manifestation; the reason for this is that fear is an emotion which focuses on black or disadvantage or absence of positive energy. In other words while anger can focus on lack it’s a driving force towards change, it’s a driving force towards getting what you currently lack. Fear, by contrast, is an emotion which depends for its existence on the absence of something, and the fear of the consequences of that absence.

I’ve seen people recommend that anger is not used as a driving force for manifestation because the consequences for the individual using it can be to make them enter into a state of more or less continuous anger.

I strongly dispute that, and I think it’s a misunderstanding of how emotions work to suggest that might actually be the case – emotions are simply energy, and the purpose of examining up anger during manifestation is to project outwards into the universe to ensure that there is some distinct difference between your emotional level on the physical plane and your emotional level on the cosmic consciousness level.

*A final note for this section – I mentioned above that combining clear intention and positive emotional energy are absolutely guaranteed to produce manifestation of whatever it is you’re trying to create using the Law of attraction. In reality things are not quite so simple: there are no guarantees about manifestation for all kinds of reasons, but chief among them is the fact that if your belief system does not accommodate absolute and complete confidence and expectation in your ability to obtain what it is you’re trying to manifest with your intention, you will not succeed.

Law Of Attraction

Through the years, several writers have stated very particularly that the best “presents” we’ve been provided with are our imaginations. I understand what they are suggesting here. By utilizing our imagination and creativity we are able to access the deepest, most profound energy we can ever touch – and this is our link with the world beyond our conscious minds.

Certainly, it is correct that the creativity may be the section of you which could produce the life you would REALLY like. Consider this section of you as the sovereign that you experience running your life; however, it is not only the sovereign on an earthly plane. In a certain way your “sovereign” includes a transpersonal link with the planet beyond the actual reality around you.

Law of attraction and manifestation

What is the transpersonal? How does it affect manifestation?

By utilizing your creativity you can discover and know the truth of this assertion. The easiest evidence of this really is here and now around you right now because almost anything you observe, notice, or sense is the product of somebody’s creativity and began like a thought in somebody’s brain.

You may react by stating, “Well yes, obviously it did, after which people constructed or created it.” But that does not diminish the truth of my declaration that anything and everything starts with some creativity.

I’d like to be the first person to go beyond this concept, and think about how the fundamentals of the development of bodily sensation may take devotees to the spiritual world beyond consciousness. Lots of people attempt to clarify the way the Divine (I shall call it the Universal Law Of Attraction – about which you can read more here) may cause reality to change within our realm, on this material plane, our home planet, and they also resort to answers predicated on ideas of quantum physics. Therefore I would like to ask you, what do you think you have to comprehend about quantum science before you can simply accept that our lives are just a symptom of how the Law Of Attraction manifests within our lives?

Well, I can answer for you: nothing. All you require may be the work of religion to consider you beyond where you require a reason for what goes on on the planet around you.

Utilizing Your Creativity

If you are prepared to desire change and work for it, if you are prepared to spend some time working to get to where you might be and who you might become, and reside for a time in the nature of a new perspective, the world may cooperate with you and produce outcomes you cannot possibly imagine at this juncture!

Actually you will be amazed from the number of coincidences, the twists and conversions, the sudden appearance of people, locations and things that come unexpectedly into your life and create a new and better you as you begin to express the truth of your essential self.

Yet to avoid putting aside this remarkable degree of awareness, or become engrossed in it, is definitely an awe inspiring experience. And undoubtedly it takes you to specific knowledge that you are not presently aware of.

The law of attraction will make you happy

Law of Attraction can make you happy

Additionally, you need to do certain things differently. Right now you are possibly making use of your creativity in ways that might be useful to you: as symptoms of one’s deeper drivers and motivations, possibly. Or maybe seeing that you have been in a way insufficiently developed to benefit from the elegant generosity and magnificence of the world or its capability to provide you with what you would like in life.

Whenever you acknowledge the fact that you’re only a small part of a powerful God, obviously your uncertainties and worries fall away. However you may be investing your own time in paying attention to things you do not wish to occur to you. The moment you turn your detailed focus on the way in which you think about yourself and talk about life, especially towards the degree of thought which exists in the fringe of your awareness, you are likely to discover that you utilize words like, “I do not deserve to become wealthy”, “there’s not enough to go round”, “what I am doing is not worth very much” or “I am merely worthless and that is how it’s always been”.

It is odd that the individual brain appears to move towards the damaging and negative rather than the good. But we don’t have to contemplate why that mystery exists: we need to consider how to change our thinking from damaging and unhelpful to positive and beneficial. From despair to hope. From mean-spiritedness to appreciation. From agony to pleasure. From bad expectation to optimism around all things.

Obviously having notice how adversely your mind is working right now, you will wish to challenge the status quo (surely?) Feeling bad about symptoms and not following the law of attraction won’t change how you expeereince life….Indeed, the alternative holds true.

But merely getting conscious about the pessimism inside your psychology isn’t enough to alter it. You really have to discover a way of manifesting your creativity as well as bringing forth expectancy around the good objectives and results and thoughts for which you can strive. A quick and easy method to do that would be to substitute every bad thought with a good one the moment you feel conscious of it.

Unfortunately, that’s not easy. If it were, then everyone would be a lot happier than they actually are!

So one recommendation for you is to begin with a definite and particular intention that you may embrace completely. In other words, find out what you would like and follow your wishes as intently as you can. Move towards whatever is within easy reach. Then aim for a bit more.

Our next recommendation is the fact that there is a creative place in your subconscious which you don’t know about…. and it can help you: if you think negatively, just permit yourself “to doubt your doubts”. Quite simply, permit yourself to ultimately take the chance of your doubts being incorrect. Permit positive expectancy and aspirations to erode doubts and negativity.

If you should be reacting adversely towards the recommendation that positive thinking might help you live a far more bounteous and positive existence, and assist you to attain your targets and goals, then you need to change your whole orientation from pessimism to positivity.

One of the ways you can do this really is by creating a training of appreciation. Possibly faster than every other psychological system, practicing appreciation may change your mindset from pessimism to positivity in mere weeks….

And everybody has a lot of things that they can truly be thankful for: it is merely a matter of how you see the world  (especially if you choose not to see the positive things available to you at this time). The fact you are living today, in our abundant world, or the flavor of a bit of fruit, or the fact that you have clothes to wear, or perhaps you have a buddy, or clean water to drink. All of these are things for which you can be grateful. And appreciation for little things – such as a short chat to a passerby – as well as large things – such as being happy or rich – allow you to make better use of the Law of Attraction.

For the manner in which you react to our recommendation of implementing a practice of gratitude is likely to be a very good sign of the psychological tone of your life. The option is yours.