A Great New Website On Law Of Attraction

You will all be delighted to know that I have discovered a great new website which explains the law of attraction more clearly than any other website I have ever seen.

Now I know you you may think that’s an exaggeration because there are so many good websites on attraction – and that’s certainly true, but I think the ineffectiveness of these websites is demonstrated all too clearly by the fact that so few people actually achieve any success with manifestation.

Does it not stand to reason that if websites that purported to explain the Law of attraction and the mysteries of manifestation were actually fulfilling their function, there would be far fewer people who are experiencing poverty, deprivation and unhappiness in the world ?

I think the answer to that question is obvious – you have to take it as a given that the poor performance of websites is represented by the limited amount of success that people have in terms of manifesting a new reality.

Now one of the reasons for this is undoubtedly the fact that comparatively few people are particularly serious about getting what they want, although having said that, it’s undoubtedly true that many people would be more successful if they were less distracted by the cultural demands of our society.

In other words, I’m talking about the way in which celebrity culture, bad news, constructive stories designed to hook our attention or promote our fear, can distract us from the reality of our own existence, and in particular, the reality of what’s going on for us in our internal emotional world.

Because it’s in our internal emotional world that the magic of manifestation will always take place.

You see nobody can manifest anything for anyone else – the process of getting what you want by means law attraction is absolutely down to each individual to form clear goals and then a strategy for achieving. It’s a purely personal thing; you can’t manifest something for anyone else.

Now although this may seem harsh, and perhaps even slightly unfair, the reality of our existence is that though each and every one of us is a part of the universal whole, we are still separate individuals on the planet Earth.

What this means in practice is that though we have the capacity to communicate with each other psychically, and to send out instructions using the power of our minds to the universal energy, we cannot manifest material goods for someone other than ourselves.

So having resigned yourself to that reality, you might want to know how it is that people can achieve great success with manifestation – and the truth here is that it’s about focus, of both the mind and the intention.

You can find a complete explanation of the core elements of manifestation using the law of attraction on this website – which is the one I referred to the start of this brief article – http://www.twentytimeslonger.com – where the entire process manifestation is described in great detail, along with a number of tips, tricks and techniques which you can use to speed up the process of co-creating your reality universe’s cooperation.

For those amongst you who remain doubters, all I can say is that there’s no proof like your own success – which means, in practice, that you need to get out there, set your objectives and start trying to manifest the reality that you want for yourself.

What I will add, however, is that it’s absolutely critical that you should be able to overcome any limiting beliefs that you hold about yourself which could interfere with the process of manifestation. Wondering what this means? Well you can find out if you follow the link above. Good luck with manifestation!


Getting What You Want

All the techniques that you will ever need for manifestation using the Law of Attraction are described on the Internet – for example, all the info you need is here. Now I don’t pretend to be any kind of expert on manifestation and the Law of Attraction, but what I can tell you is that over the years I have had considerable success in actually getting what I want by using these techniques.

Come to think of it, perhaps I am an expert – LOL! I’m certainly more expert than a lot of other people who have written extensively on the subject, made vast fortunes out of their writings, and yet failed to enlighten anybody about how they are going to be any wiser, richer, happier, or more fulfilled after they’ve read those works.

If I sound a little cynical, assume I am, because I regard fooling people about how The Law of Attraction works – or indeed, any system for making money – or not giving them proper instructions, or not providing support when you call yourself a “teacher” to be lacking in integrity at best, and downright evil and misleading at worst.

Manifesting reality

We are living in a Christian culture, and in that culture it’s quite common to find people who believe that the Bible’s maxim  “ask and it shall be given unto you” refers to the Law of Attraction – in other words, a lot of authors have played into a fundamental belief we have in our society about the human “dominion” over all things – and power over the universe to get what we want through the use of that dominion.

Yet the reality (for those of us who truly understand the Law of Attraction) is rather different; the Law of Attraction actually refers to a process by which you can send out mental “instructions” or requests into the universal cosmic energy field.

These requests will trigger the universe to produce a series of events that may end up in you getting whatever you want.

“Ask and you shall receive” (a prayer) is a misjudgement, because it seems to imply a position of humility and humbleness, whereas successful manifestation undoubtedly comes from a position of confidence, control and command over the universe.

This discrepancy in approach (or perhaps it is a misunderstanding which has confused many people over the years) could be expressed thus: when you start to manifest anything using the Law of Attraction, you’re not asking the universe to give it to you, but you are commanding it to do so.

Of course that requires a very different energy from you than the power of prayer.

In short, you have to adopt a position of absolute, supreme, confidence and certainty that the universe is going to give you what you want – without this, you’re going to fail.

Furthermore, you need to have absolute clarity about your goals, because without that – you’re going to fail. And in addition, you need to take action of some kind which demonstrates to you and to the “intelligence” of the universe that you’re serious about getting what you want – without that, you’re going to fail.

So you can see that manifestation and the Law Of Attraction are not oh-so-simple processes. And let me ask you this: if you were setting out to learn some kind of demanding physical discipline like yoga, do you seriously imagine that you could reach a level of expertise and proficiency without tuition and help from somebody who was not only a qualified teacher, but could also convey the concept to you in a clear and simple way?

No, of course you could not, and the fact of the matter is that just like you would get help from a qualified yoga teacher if you were learning yoga, so you need qualified and experienced help from someone who can teach you about the Law of Attraction and manifestation when you’re trying to change your life for the better by using those esoteric concepts and principles.

The interesting thing is that manifestation is a concept we can use to change our reality very effectively, and not a complicated idea or philosophy – oddly enough, it’s actually quite simple, although a lot of people try and make it more complicated because this satisfies their desire to believe that the something esoteric going on.

And, after all wouldn’t esoteric have to be complicated?

Well no, because actually the Law of Attraction is a simple universal law which says something like this: set out your desires clearly enough and propel them into the universe using emotional energy of sufficient intensity, with sufficient belief in the power of the universe to manifest what you want, then the universe MUST produce an outcome in line with what you desire.

One of the reasons that Manifestation doesn’t work for most people is because they’re impeded by beliefs which they hold about themselves that stop them entering into a state 100% confidence and certainty about the possibility of manifestation working for them.

Manifestation video

Good God, it’s actually bloody obvious isn’t it? If you are trying to get a relationship, and you think you’re not an attractive person and nobody would ever love you, then seriously, do you think you are going to get into a relationship?

The answer, obviously, is NO.

Yet most people who try manifestation overlook their limiting beliefs, and then they give up in despair, blaming everyone around them (except themselves) for the failure that they have manifested.

A failure which, incidentally, is most likely due to the fact that their beliefs are so fundamentally negative that they’ve manifested some aspect of their negativity, rather than the positive outcome they were trying to achieve.

The law of attraction can be very effective in producing the things we do not want – in other words, if you focus on the negative, you can produce negative things. If you focus on the positive you produce positive things.

The simple equation of input and output, of expectation and manifestation, the positive energy and negative energy is not rocket science.

It’s not rocket science, but it is a basic law of the universe and also of human nature. If you are trying to manifest a different reality for yourself, you’d be well advised to take note of it.

Now, with all of that said, it can seem quite cruel of the universe to actually fail to manifest whatever you want… you’ve spent time visualizing it, and produced a clear mental image of it… but nothing appears….. no matter how hard you try….

And, having said that, it’s a universal law of attraction (note the word universal) which governs manifestation, and so there is little doubt that if you actually spend time in the right way, using the right techniques, you will be able to manifest whatever you desire.

So if you’re having trouble, you might want to go and have a look at the website I linked to earlier in this article, because that is a very good place to discover all about the relaxation techniques, the meditation techniques, the state of mind best suited to visualization, the best methods of goalsetting, the emotional qualities of expectancy and self-belief, and the kind of action you need to take to ensure manifestation works for you.

Manifesting Success

To manifest success, you have to have a success consciousness. What does this mean?

Well, first of all it means that you are in a positive state of mind, in which success is expected, and indeed, where you are so confident of achieving success that in fact it is a “given” for you.

You see, the point about this is that the old expression “success breeds success” is absolutely true in every way.

We talk about manifestation and conscious creation using the Law of Attraction as though these were somehow mysterious and magical qualities that occur without our conscious will being involved.

Far from it!

It’s a misnomer to think the law of attraction will get you what you want regardless of how you think and feel in every day life. Indeed, experts on manifestation will tell you that many of the reasons manifestation fail are about the fact that people are trying to achieve something which is fundamentally in opposition to their basic attitudes, values and belief system (including their beliefs about themselves).

To start with, if you don’t believe that you can be successful, you have absolutely no chance of being success, or manifesting in any form whatsoever.

Regrettably a lot of people who fall into this dynamic will then suggest that the problem lies with the law of attraction and creation, rather than their own inability to believe that they are going to be successful.

One of the most fundamental tenets of human psychology is that we have is something called a shadow – a part of our minds that we hide, repress, and deny, a part of our minds which holds every truth that we know about ourselves but find an acceptable to live with in our conscious reality.

As far as success is concerned, the relevance of this is the fact that success is hard-won in our society; we are mostly brought up with the idea that success is for other people, and somehow we as individuals are taught (or conditioned, more likely) to believe in mediocrity and lack of success as our reality.

Be that as it may, I’m sure you understand that simply stating positive affirmations about your level of success, or filling your mind and consciousness about success, is not sufficient to address the subconscious beliefs you have about yourself if they are in conflict with this – and particularly if they “say” that you are unsuccessful.

The truth of the matter is that the quality of your life, what you see around you right now, is probably a very good guide to what you believe about yourself and your ability to be successful.

If you haven’t got any success in your life whatsoever, or if you’re aspiring to a level of success that goes far beyond what you’ve achieved at the moment, then it’s extremely likely that you’re holding very negative beliefs about yourself – and you will need to change these before you can start trying to manifest success in the world at large.

It’s common for popular blog posts to go something like this:

  • Focusing your mind on success, and filling your consciousness, your awareness, with the feeling of success, make things start happening.
  • When the certainty of success is saturated into your consciousness, into your mind, you get a success powerful tool.
  • Do you want a new job? See yourself at your new job, and create feelings of certainty that you already have it.
    Do you want to find love? Visualize yourself being loved and awaken feelings of love.
    Do you want to go on a vacation? Visualize yourself already enjoying your vacation.
    Do you want to get a promotion at your job or earn more money? Visualize this as a fact and feel it to be true.
    Do you want a new car, or a new house? See yourself driving the car or living in the new house and loving it.

But I think you would be very naive if you believe that this in itself is sufficient to actually manifest success in your life. These are soundbites, morsels of information written for the “get rich quick” and the “something for nothing” brigades – they don’t represent any reality that I understand to be a part of the manifestation process.

If you want to manifest success in your life you have to work harder than this particular blog post might suggest.

I think what is true about success consciousness is that you can shift your consciousness and belief about yourself by having series of successes, starting with small successes, gradually moving on to larger and larger ones – this is a process which actually changes your beliefs about yourself because you have the evidence of your success in front of you.

There are many other approaches to changing what you believe to be true about yourself and your success consciousness, including the use of autosuggestion, self hypnosis, and subconscious programming.

Simply sitting down and visualizing what it would be like to be successful, even if you feel intense joy and emotion and happiness about that prospect is not going to bring you success or manifest success in your life on its own.

Not, that is, unless you absolutely 100% believe that success is within your grasp, and that you can be successful – and note that for this to manifest it’s not just a matter of believing it at the conscious level, but it’s a matter of believing it at the subconscious level as well.

Now, if I was approaching the problem of converting someone’s beliefs about themselves from the fact that they were fundamentally unsuccessful to the fact that they were could be (and indeed were going to be) fundamentally successful, the place I would start would be by working out what their beliefs about themselves actually were at the moment.

Then I would move on to a process of actually extracting those beliefs and addressing them in a rational cognitive way, before applying some powerful subconscious tools and techniques that would change the beliefs about themselves in a positive direction.

Recently however in the context of manifestation, I came across an important and powerful approach called the Lefkoe approach written by man called Marty Lefkoe who has developed a process which he claims can change any negative beliefs about yourself within minutes… And of course, as you can understand if that’s true, then it’s incredibly important that you (as a potential manifester), as a potential cocreator of your life, should seek out and use the techniques which he has on offer.

I don’t know whether the Lefkoe approach to changing beliefs that you hold about yourself actually works or not because I haven’t tried it, but I do know that Steve Pavlina thinks very highly of it and I have a great deal of respect for that man, since he has built a blog (on success) which is phenomenally successful by every single criteria that you can imagine.

Indeed, if Steve were a man who set out to teach a course on manifestation, it would be the one I recommended unreservedly, because I think he knows as much about it as any human being on this planet.

Yes, that’s praise indeed, but bear in mind that he’s simply done everything I’ve described in this post – started to change beliefs about himself, worked on his potential over a long period of time, stayed firmly committed to development and change, and now he has manifested the rewards. That’s how the Law of attraction really works in people’s lives!