Use Your Emotions To Manifest Successfully

Make no mistake about it, one of the most important aspects of manifestation is using your emotions to drive the process.

Lack of emotional energy is the fundamental mistake that most people make when the trying to manifest anything – at least in the early stages of their career using the Law of attraction.

Now you may think that emotion is one of the least important aspects of anything to do with universal energy, because intention is everything.

And I agree with you that the intention is indeed very important, but you have to see it in this way: what is it that makes the universe manifest things differently to the way that would otherwise have occurred had you not intervened by using the Law of creation or trying to co-create your reality using the universal laws of attraction?

The answer to that question is that it’s energy – more specifically, it’s your energy, and the only place which you can generate that level of energy around manifestation is from your emotions.

Now people don’t understand this, because there are many teachings about the Law of attraction which seem to encourage people to believe that all they have to do is sit down to meditate five or 10 minutes a day, often twice a day, and they will manifest whatever it is that they fix their attention on.

The truth is that this is a missed understanding of how the universe works. My own interpretation of what I understand about manifestation is as follows: that every single thing that could possibly happen on our planet in our physical reality, is potentially waiting to be manifested in some if the real or energetic or potential form.

Perhaps that is the same as the cosmic consciousness that was talked about by Carl Jung in his works on psychotherapy and psychology in the early part of the 20th century. This would make a lot of sense, because it is out of this cosmic consciousness, this energetic miasma, that our physical reality emerges.

Success and achievement come easily with manifestation

Success comes easily with manifestation

Anyway, going back to the main thrust of the argument: assuming that everything is potentially available for manifesting in physical reality, then something MUST impact the universal dynamic so that it manifests in the form which you are expecting to create using the Law of Attraction.

Since you are impacting an energetic state of being with your intention, the only thing that could possibly impact it in a way that would alter the physical manifestation emerging from the energetic state of being is your own emotional energy.

I say emotional energy because it’s hard to imagine any other form of energy being able to attract physical reality out of the cosmic void. (Not, in fact that it is an energetic void, because in fact is we know it’s actually an energetic state from which physical reality emerges. This is backed up by the quantum physics observation that all energy and matter are exactly the same at the quantum level.)

Now you may know a lot of people who have a great deal of emotional energy, and you may pay you know people who have very little emotional energy, and the latter perhaps forming the group who I would describe as appearing to have a ligature around their neck, as far as their emotions are concerned!

But the truth of the matter is this: that if you want to manifest anything successful in this world you are going to have to learn how to direct emotional energy – and intense emotional energy at that – into the universal energy field so that your desires and intentions can manifest successfully.

One of the interesting things about manifestation is that you generally hear people talking about positive emotions such as joy and happiness, gratitude and thankfulness and excitement as being the powerful forces that can manifest reality in our world.

Granted, it’s absolutely true that they can do that, but I think is also important to acknowledge that negative emotions such as anger fear and jealousy – with the possible exception of fear, for reasons I’ll mention in a moment – can also manifest reality equally successfully.

It seems to me that there is a culture around the law of attraction – probably promoted by the particular emotional tone of The Secret, which was emphatically positive and sweet – which suggests that negative emotions have no role to play in such an esoteric or metaphysical process.

This is a fundamental misunderstanding of the way the universe operates. Essentially the universe is neutral, and it responds primarily to the most intense emotional stimulus that it receives. This is why if somebody is trying to manifest something that could impact you, and you are trying to manifest something that could impact them, the outcome is likely to be determined by whoever has most emotional energy to drive the process.

What I’m saying here is that the universe doesn’t operate with fear or favor!

Knowing what you want and then directing an intense level emotional energy is a guaranteed way to manifest whatever it is that you’re trying to obtain* – and this works just as well with intense negative emotions as positive ones.

You see, the concept of negative emotions and positive emotions is a human construct, which means nothing to the dispassionate neutral way in which the universe manifest anything. In the space-time continuum there is no concept of good or evil, can a concept of good or bad, no concept of positive or negative there is just seamless transition between formless energy and formed matter in the real world.

Fear Does Not Manifest Reality

Now, I mention above that fear is probably not one emotion which can drive manifestation; the reason for this is that fear is an emotion which focuses on black or disadvantage or absence of positive energy. In other words while anger can focus on lack it’s a driving force towards change, it’s a driving force towards getting what you currently lack. Fear, by contrast, is an emotion which depends for its existence on the absence of something, and the fear of the consequences of that absence.

I’ve seen people recommend that anger is not used as a driving force for manifestation because the consequences for the individual using it can be to make them enter into a state of more or less continuous anger.

I strongly dispute that, and I think it’s a misunderstanding of how emotions work to suggest that might actually be the case – emotions are simply energy, and the purpose of examining up anger during manifestation is to project outwards into the universe to ensure that there is some distinct difference between your emotional level on the physical plane and your emotional level on the cosmic consciousness level.

*A final note for this section – I mentioned above that combining clear intention and positive emotional energy are absolutely guaranteed to produce manifestation of whatever it is you’re trying to create using the Law of attraction. In reality things are not quite so simple: there are no guarantees about manifestation for all kinds of reasons, but chief among them is the fact that if your belief system does not accommodate absolute and complete confidence and expectation in your ability to obtain what it is you’re trying to manifest with your intention, you will not succeed.